Missoula is a dynamic and energetic community. Such vitality and growth presents many opportunities and challenges for the citizens of Missoula. Keeping our community vibrant and healthy requires insightful leaders who have the ability to communicate and work effectively with others. Leadership Missoula is a program of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce designed to facilitate the development and growth of tomorrow’s leaders and provide opportunities to interact with different community members and explore issues relevant to our community. 

For more information about the Leadership Missoula program, contact Krista Clawson at Kristac@missoulachamber.com or visit the Leadership Missoula Facebook page.


 Leadership Missoula Alumni Association

The Leadership Missoula program was founded in 1983 and is a program of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce.  After 35 years of graduating community leaders, the importance and need for an alumni association became a top priority.  The Leadership Missoula Alumni Association was created in July 2018 and is dedicated to and made up of alumni from Leadership Missoula graduates. Its mission is to educate the alumni of Leadership Missoula on significant issues facing the greater Missoula Community and to encourage alumni to become active, engaged leaders in the community.  Membership in the Leadership Missoula Alumni Association is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged to continue the training, learning, and more importantly – relationships – built through participation in the Leadership Missoula program.

We're looking for Steering Committee members to help us guide the direction of this program!

If you have interest in serving on the Steering Committee for the Leadership Missoula Alumni Association, please contact Krista Clawson at 406-215-1322 or kristac@missoulachamber.com.

Apply for Leadership Missoula 37

Download the application for Leadership Missoula 37 HERE.

If you have questions about the application, please contact Krista Clawson at kristac@missoulachamber.com.

Program Details

  • The Leadership Missoula program begins with a retreat at Flathead Lake Lodge. The rest of the year is comprised of eight session days, including:
  • History & Culture Day
  • Business & Economy Day
  • Quality of Life Day
  • Government & Politics Day
  • Human Needs Day
  • Workforce & Education Day
  • Public Safety & First Responder Day
  • Natural Resources Day
  • The year wraps up with a retreat at Flathead Lake Lodge

LM 36 Committee Members

  • Tyson Peissig, Chair LM 36
  • Julie Maloney, Chair-Elect LM 37
  • Tim Unger, History & Culture Session Day Chair
  • Amy Allison Thompson, Business & Economy Session Day Chair
  • Karen Schlatter, Quality of Life Session Day Chair
  • Mike Bybee, Government & Politics Session Day Chair
  • Sandy Bollom, Human Needs Session Day Chair
  • Cody Velin, Workforce & Education Session Day Chair
  • Tony Rio, Public Safety & First Responder Session Day Chair
  • Quincy Walker, Natural Resources Session Day Chair