"As the world goes more online there is an ever-growing need for the human relationship again, which you can gain through partnering with local chambers. Being a company that is not local to Missoula but local to Montana, the Chamber has been a great tool to connect with Missoula without having a physical presence there." 

- Keanan Brown, Eloi

"There is a great benefit to being a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Becoming a Chamber member has allowed us an opportunity to connect with potential volunteers for the Housing Advocate Network, Family Promise Hosting, as well as donor opportunities. I also sit on the board at the Parenting Place and they have recently joined the Chamber. The membership has enabled the PP to build on community networks, develop donor relations, and share more about the services we offer. I can't encourage you enough to join, as it puts you on the map with the movers and shakers of our community!"

-Paige Pavalone, Missoula Works